Online RPG

What is this online RPG?

Rambolo was the name given to an online RPG I began working on back in 2007 but it was put on hold in the beginning of 2008. A few months ago I got inspired to start working on this project again. I have decided not to continue from where the first version left off, instead I’m going to rewrite everything from scratch to improve performance dramatically. I’ve gained a lot of experience about programming from the first version, what was good and what was bad. This time there will be fewer mistakes made and game engine will be written a lot better.


These are the features implemented so far:

  • Isometric map (4:3 projection)
  • Pathfinder (based on MicroPather)
  • Audio playback (using FMOD)
  • Background loading of audio and textures
  • Scripting in Lua (using Luabind)
  • XML reader/writer (using TinyXML++)
  • Support for addons/mods, similar to WoW addon system

Screenshots from the older version


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