LED lamp

This was a lamp I made in the middle of 2008. I had just got my CNC mill up and running and I wanted to test it out and make something with it. I found some acrylic sheets in my storage and decided to use that as material for the lamp. The lamp parts were drawn in AutoCAD and the DXF file from AutoCAD was converted to G-code which the CNC mill can work with. I used eight RGB LEDs as the light source for the lamp. These are arranged in a circular pattern at the bottom of the lamp. A PIC16F88 microcontroller and a LED driver from Maxim (MAX6957) controls the color of each of the eight LEDs. I found the schematic for the controller board on my harddrive so if anyone wants it, feel free to use it, modify it, or just look at it. It can be viewed here, as a PDF document.

Below in the picture to the left is the lamp drawn in AutoCAD and to the right is a picture of how it turned out once the parts were cut out and glued together.

Here is the controller board that is located at the bottom of the lamp.

And once power is applied it looks like this.

And luckily I also found two videos of it on the harddrive.



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