Ok, so I’m gonna give Ruby on Rails a shot. Looks very slick and powerful. I’m gonna post updates on how things are going but this is all for now. Below […]

The site has been offline for some time but atlast it is online again. The server that was used to host the website suddenly died, harddrive failures. All critical data was backuped […]

EasyCAP USB 2.0

I just got my hands on this little video/audio capturing device. It will make it a lot easier for me to debug/develop the video interface on the PIC32 board. Now […]

PIC32 update

I’ve made some progress with the PIC32 microcontroller. I finally got all the parts I needed to complete the circuit board and I also bought myself a PICkit3 programmer/debugger. I […]


Recently I ordered two breakout boards for the PIC32 microcontroller and also two PIC32MX360F512L microcontrollers and this weekend I soldered the components to the breakout board. At the moment I […]