Server rack build

I got my hands on this used metal enclosure. Must have been used to protect some kind of equipment from dust and debris, maybe some computer that a machine operator used to control a CNC machine or something like that. Anyhow, I thought it’d be perfect as a server rack. Sadly it had no 19″ rack rails so I had get a hold of some of those.


After I had sawn the rails to correct lengths and installed them into the enclosure I realised, this enclosure isn’t deep enough to hold 19″ servers. So now what? Well, I had to extend the back of the enclosure somehow. After some CAD:ing I had the sheet metal drawings ready and sent them to a local company that were able to cut and bend the sheet metal parts I needed. I had drawn holes for blind rivets to make it easier for me to assemble the whole thing. I welded all of the edges but was in a hurry to get it done. As a result, the sheet metal got too hot and warped quite a bit. Annoying but nothing to worry about, it still does what it is supposed todo, cover the back of the enclosure.


After painting the cover, I decided to cover the insides of the enclosure and the newly made cover with acoustic foam and hopefully dampen some of the noise the servers inside will generate.


Now lets hook up some power cables, ethernet switches, KVM switch and an older HP ProLiant DL145 server that will be used as firewall/web proxy/cache (running pfSense).


And this is what is looks like with the newly made cover attached to the back.

In the end it might have been easier to just buy a ready-made server rack but where is the fun in that?

Now it’s time to get more servers to put into this rack 🙂

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