Recently I ordered two breakout boards for the PIC32 microcontroller and also two PIC32MX360F512L microcontrollers and this weekend I soldered the components to the breakout board. At the moment I am still missing some header connectors but those should arrive in my mailbox next week. Iā€™m gonna use this microcontroller in my next project to test it out and see how good it is, hopefully I can get FreeRTOS running on it.

This PIC32 comes in a TQFP-100 package and its size is 12x12x1 mm with 0.2 mm spacing between the pins so it was a little bit of a challenge to solder but atleast I know it is very much possible to solder that by hand. On the backside of this breakout board, 0603 SMD resistors and capacitors are used, these are also very tiny and can easily be lost if accidentally dropped on the floor.



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